FrontPage is a prototype system for scraping granular, semantic data from existing (template-driven) HTML pages. To date, the prototype has been used to aggregate museum object data and 'museum listings' data, but it can be used for any other type of data.


The prototype can be found here.


Please check out the Frequently Asked Questions first. Any questions after that? Contact Us.


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Latest Updates


2008-06-17     Added 'order by random', placing an (internal) ID into each record XML, and ability to specify  'id' when querying the API,



2008-05-23     Can now search some of the 'normalised' data (dates/country) n.yearFrom, n.yearTo,



2008-05-23     Added 'order' and 'limit' parameters



2008-05-23     Minor updates to main page: made the example search terms clickable; added total no. object records.


2008-05-22     Added basic search form to the main page, plus a link back to this wiki. Removed the 'objects by country' graph from the home page, put the object map in its place.


2008-05-22     Pointed domain to the main prototype page.


2008-05-22     Added 'gallery' output format, for quick overview 



2008-05-22     Added limit (temporarily) of 1000 records to be returned by API, to prevent anyone bringing down the server...


2008-05-22     Added 'keyword' parameter to feed; searches ALL fields



2008-05-22     Added local caching of thumbnails to improve performance 


2008-05-21     Started crawling some National Portrait Gallery objects (about 2,000 to date)